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Discount-Referral Coupons

File your taxes with us today and receive 10% off your income tax Preparation Fee. Refer someone and you receive an additional 10%, while your referral will also receive 10%. WOW!
Example: Your tax preparation fee $250, you receive 10% discount and you refer a friend, you receive an additional 10%. Your out of pockets tax preparation fee is only $200.00
The incentive DOES NOT stop there, anytime you refer a friend you will continually receive a $10 referral bonus if we successfully complete and collect tax preparation fees from your referrals.

We provide you with an idea of our potential fees. The actual fees may be less or more based on the quality and time spent to complete the projects. Legible, organized, and complete paperwork are keys.

In addition to the rates below for tax preparation:
Tax Planning and Advisory rate is $99.99/hr.
We help you minimize your tax liability in preparing ahead of times with tax planning. The IRS offers several tax incentives to decrease your tax liability. We can help you invest your money to generate more income and reduce your tax bracket. Contact us today.

Accounting Services: $124.99 per month and up based on complexity. Actual monthly fee will be signed after evaluation.

Tax Preparation Services:

1040 EZ or 1040 A:                                                 $90
1040:                                                                     150
Schedule B:                                                             25
Schedule A:                                                             50
Schedule D:                                                             50 depending on number of trades
Schedule E:                                                             70
Schedule C:                                                            175
State returns:                                                            50 for additional if more than one.

Business Entity - depending on complexity:

1065 (partnership):                                                    $499.99 depending on number of partners
1120 and 1120S (Corporation, and S-Corp):                   550 depending on number of shareholders
1041 (Estates & Trusts):                                             275
990 EZ (Nonprofit and Churches):                                375 minimum
990 (Nonprofit & Churches):                                        600 minimum.

Interpreting: $65.00 per hour - minimum 3 hours and full day minimum 5 hours - Mileage: IRS business mileage rates per mile - Telephonic interpreting $1.25 per minute
Translating: $125.00/page minimum Contact us for medical and legal transcripts and other inquiries at info@globalbiztax.com

If you request a specific service. Please contact us with the details:
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