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Globally well positioned and living experiences in United States of America, Canada, Europe, Haiti, and Africa.
Our  regular customers particularly value our strive for excellence in providing our services, as well as our result-oriented methods.

A blend wealth of cultural experiences around the world set us apart and equipped us with the right tools to better served you, meeting your global needs, and deal with very sensitive interpersonal diversified groups.

We have been exposed with mix of cultural backgrounds. We understand the sensitivity and the importance of the diversification of the global market.

We are very well positioned to offer you the services you need and to guarantee your expectations keeping your business' productivity and efficiency, assuring your clients' satisfaction who the backbones of your business.

Leading Team: Backgrounds: Meeting the following professionals serving you:

United States:

Valere Bekolo, Ph.D. Epidemiology, Master Health Administration, MBA, BS in Economics from Walden University, USA, University of Ottawa, Canada, and Lausanne, Switzerland

Paulette G. Bekolo: MSc. Accounting, Taxation (Strayer University, NC, USA) Bachelor of Commerce (Honors); Bachelor Business Administration (Ottawa University, Canada); Psychology (Sorbonne-University Rene Descartes, France); Notary Public (NC).  


Yves Germain: J.D. & Economist (Cayes, Haiti) 

Jefferson Germain, Agronomist Engineer, Specialist in Public Policy, Organizations and Markets Head of Monitoring and Evaluation of Socio-Economic Programs at FAES (Montpellier University, France & Port-Au-Prince, Haiti)

Richardson Germain, Administrator (Port-Au-Prince, Petion-Ville, Haiti)